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ODCC Sermons

Miss a day of church? No need to miss out! ODCC now offeres our sermons to be able to be played through our website. Below is a list of the sermons we have available. To play one, simply click on any field.

Date Teacher Title Description
Sun Apr 13th 14Pastor Bill Sy>Palm Sunday: Day of Decision Matt. 21:1-11How to make the correct decisions in your life.
Sun Apr 6th 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! Grace with You. Phpn.4:21-23Why we need His Grace.
Sun Mar 30th 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! All Your Needs Phpn.4:14-20How to make sure your needs are met.
Sun Mar 23rd 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! The Secret of Contentment Phpn.4:10-13How to learn to be content
Sun Mar 16th 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! Now Do it! / Phpn.4:9How to attain the Joy you choose have.
Sun Mar 9th 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! It's All in Your Head/Phpn.4:8How to keep your mind in the right place
Sun Mar 2nd 14Ruth Rosen>Christ in the PassoverHow Christ is seen in the Passover Feast
Sun Feb 23rd 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! Worry or Worship?/Phpn.4:6-7Part 2 - Where does our Peace come from?
Sun Feb 16th 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! Worry or Worship?/Phpn.4:6-7Part 1 - How to have peace in difficult times
Sun Feb 9th 14Pastor Bill Sy>Choose Joy!Rejoice Always/Phpn.4:4-5Join us today as we explore the three things that will help us to be joyful
Sun Feb 2nd 14Pastor Bill Sy>Choose Joy! When Together doesn't work/Phpn.4:1-3Last week we looked at how we find joy in togetherness and community, join
Sun Jan 26th 14Pastor Bill Sy>Choose Joy! Together!/Phpn.3:15-21Three things that help us Choose Joy together
Sun Jan 19th 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! How to Keep Going/Phpn.3:12-14What is your goal and how do you get there.
Sun Jan 12th 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY!Confidence?/Phpn.3:3-11Part 2 - Where NOT to put your confidence!
Sun Jan 5th 14Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! Where's Your Confidence?/Phpn.3:1-3Part 1 - Place your confidence in the Lord!
Sun Dec 29th 13Pastor Monty Harmon>Joy For the New Year!What we need for a joyful new year.
Sun Dec 22nd 13Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! Finding Joy in Son Shine!/Phpn.2:14-30Part 2 - How to let your light shine for Jesus
Sun Dec 15th 13Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! Finding Joy in Son Shine/Phpn.2:12-16Part 1 - How to let your light shine for Jesus!
Sun Dec 8th 13Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! Attitude! /Phpn.2:5-11Part 2 - How you know if you have the right attitude!
Sun Dec 1st 13Pastor Bill Sy>CHOOSE JOY! Attitude!/Phpn.2:1-5Part 1 - How to cultivate a Joyful attitude.
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