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The History of Open Door

We are one of several nondenominational churches born out of the Jesus Movement. Though many of us have graduated from blue jeans to Dockers we remain in love with the Lover of our souls. Christ has shown us to be an Open Door to Him and all the community (Rev.3:20; Matt 25:35) and that He has an open door through which He also bids us, 'Come...' (Rev. 4:1) The body consists of a core of seasoned people who are grounded in God's Word, hold one another accountable to growing in the Lord and who seek to grow and serve one another.

We accept all people and have a gift to see everyone's potential in Christ. We desire Christ-like transparency with all those within and those not-yet-within the Body of Christ. Because of this attitude we are involved in counseling/prayer ministry, disability awareness ministries, youth, children and family ministry, as well as in Healing Rooms, and the Call, Acquire the Fire, and inter-church worship and service opportunities.

We are a charismatic evangelical congregation. Though made up of people with varying denominational backgrounds, we are able to unite together in worship and service.

Our corporate/public worship services are consistent with the teachings in 1 Corinthians 14, but offer multiple opportunities and freedom for people who desire Spirit filled worship that might include prophecy, open scripture reading and praying in tongues. In this way Open Door is a model of respect for one another's convictions. The Apostle Paul would definitely find this to be a blessing.

We support each other in the different ministry callings God has given us, be it in prayer, exhortation or direct, active involvement. This is a strength that enables the members to move out into the community as the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus with the power of His Spirit.

Since our beginnings God has brought thousands through our church. He has worked wonders in many of these lives. We have raised and sent out servants to Christ and are working on growing our second and third generations to go out and be world-changers. In this worthwhile challenge, we join with the other congregations in this county where fewer than 3% attend church anywhere. We see our own home county as an open mission field. As a body that is excited and eager to fulfill God's purpose in our lives, we know that He will give us the vision, wisdom, and the leadership needed to do so.

Open Door Christian Church of Novato is part of the Open Door Commission. The Commission is made up of leaders from our Novato church and those located in Petaluma, San Rafael and American Canyon.